Tenerife - Eagle Park

Eagle Park - Parque Las Aguilas

Parque Las Aguilas is one of Tenerife's most exciting attractions and is also known as The Eagle Park, Las Aguilas Del Teide and The Jungle Park. Set high in the hills behind Los Cristianos in 75,000 sq. metres of tropical gardens you will need a ull day to see all the attractions.

Eagle ParkView From Eagle Park

Eagle Park has one of the most spectacular eagle shows. The trainers fly several large birds of prey, including American Bald Eagles, Condors, Sea Eagles and Buzzards into the air and allow them to show off their natural talents. Witness an eagle plummet from high in the sky to pick prey from a small pond and marvel as the handlers allow the magnificent creatures to swoop low across the crowd just inches from your head. The park also has a number of other shows running throughout the day. You can enjoy as much time as you like in the park.

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