Tenerife - Loro Parque

Loro Parque (Parrot Park) is probably the most expensive attraction on the island and provides a memorable and enjoyable day out for the whole family. As its name suggests, it began life solely as a parrot park and today houses the largest collection in the world, numbering some 300 species with breeding programmes to conserve endangered varieties.

The sea lions, dolphins and Orcas give exciting and dynamic shows. Other highlights include the Gorilla colony, the nocturnal bat cave, Penguin colony, Tiger Island and, of course, the parrot shows.



Equally impressive is the splendid aquarium and it is impossible not to feel a twinge of terror as you walk through the underwater tunnel while large sharks glide silently within inches of your face. Also impressive is how the big cats like the Jaguar below come right up to the glass of their enclosures.

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