Tenerife - Teide National Park - Mount Teide

teidesnow on teide

The left-hand picture was taken from Los Roques de Garcia (The Rocks of Garcia) which itself is a spectacular grouping of pyroclastic debris. The right-hand picture was taken from Las Americas in November 2000 and shows snow on Teide. The photos of Teide national park do not in any way capture the awesome landscape you really have to visit to appreciate it. The following two pictures were shot from a boat whilst on a whale viewing trip and show Teide with snow (March 2004).

teide snow1 teide another image with snow

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 Lunar Landscape - Teide National Park

teide lunar landscape  teide lunar landscape 2

Not surprisingly this apocalyptic, lunar-like appearance has been eagerly seized upon by filmmakers who have used it for The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes and for One Million Years BC. In 1954 the Crater area was declared a national park and protected from any development.



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